How it works
With Noleggia 1 Manager you can:
Video, post, events
Video call
A professional manager:
Anywhere and with every device
Every day 9:00-21:00 (including holidays)
in real time:
Photos, videos, documents
an appointment:
For a consultation or a project
Join Noleggia 1 Manager
To stay updated on the digital world and modern companies, on the news you may benefit from to bring success to your business and to select a manager you can contact.
Entering your username, e-mail address, and password, you will receive an email of successful registration to the portal or app: you can see all the contents and contact the manager chosen.
Select the manager and get to know him/her for free for up to 30 minutes (you can repeat this operation once for each manager).
Did you like the manager? You can deepen the pre-feasibility with him or study the project, go to the appropriate section and upload the credit for your calls
After buying a package, enter the list of managers, select the one chosen, make sure you have a wi-fi or 3G / LTE, contact him! If he's/she’s not online, write to him/her for an appointment.
You have an idea, a problem, a project?
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