Activation and costs
Before relying on a manager, get to know him/her for free.
You have 30 minutes of free video call whenever you want to know a new manager.
Upon registration, you will be credited with the first 30 minutes of video call.
If you need to know another manager contact us.

1. Watch the manager's videos and best practices.
2. Check if your area of expertise and the sector of reference are appropriate to your needs.
3. Learn more about them from the Bio and CV

Call them for free to get to know them and tell them your problem/need during the first 30 minutes (it applies to every new manager you call for the first time) .

Contact your consultant or manager now!
60 (sixty) minutes of advice, which can also be slipped in two different tranches of 30 min. each, at a cost of € 60 including VAT (the credit has no expiry date).
It will allow you to understand the path to take as your first piece of advice, quali servizi, which services, tools or solutions to adopt, what risks you might have and what kind of analysis you can carry out later

You can even break it in two days , giving the consultant the opportunity to bring you a solution after an initial investigation.
You can only contact a professional.

Contact your consultant or manager now!

We have estimated, 5 (five) hours for the design of a project to be developed together with a consultant.
The connection fee is every 15 minutes, so you can use the credit for up to 20 calls. The cost is € 250.00 including VAT (credit duration is annual).

You also have 5 (five) tickets * to request information and further information to the consultant, with an answer within 24 hours.

You can also contact multiple consultants in the various shots to the answer you have available.

The cost optimization of a project starts from the basic choices of investment to be made, contact your consultants now!

For those who need continuous advice on both every day and extraordinary matters,
or has more than one project to think/develop, we have thought of an assistance service of 10 (ten) annual hours with per-minute charges.

You also have 10 (ten) tickets* to request information and insights to the consultant, with an answer within 24 hours.

You can contact whoever you want and when you want without problems and always be followed.

Contact now someone who can solve your problem or satisfy your need!

* the ticket is a quick request for information that does not require an in-depth video call. It opens directly in the Manager tab you choose.
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